Welcome to the Advanced Java Course! In this course, we will build upon your foundational knowledge of Java programming and delve into more advanced concepts and techniques that are essential for developing complex and robust applications. Advanced Java covers topics that go beyond the basics and equips you with the skills to create high-performance, scalable, and enterprise-level Java applications.

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Overview AdvJava

Course Description

Advanced Java:


Ø Introduction

Ø Types of Drivers

Ø Basic Steps Involved in JDBC

Ø Statements Vs Prepared Statement

Ø Callable Statement

Ø Result Set

Ø All Basic CRUD Operations Examples


Ø Introduction

Ø Static Vs Dynamic web applications

Ø Types of servlets

Ø Servlets Configuration

Ø Request Object

Ø MIME Types

Ø Response Object

Ø Session Management / Tracking


Ø Introduction

Ø Types of Tags

Ø Scripting Tags

Ø Directive Tags

Ø Action Tags

Ø Standard Action Tags

Ø JSP implicit Objects

Ø Expression Language

Ø Custom Action Tags


Course Key Features AdvJava

·         Classroom and Online Training

·         IT Experts as Trainers

·         Industry Curriculum

·         Real Intensive -Time use cases and Projects

·         One to One with mentor

·         Convenient Training schedules

·         Per Day 8 Hours Lab support.

·         Pre-Assessment Questions  

·         Course Material

·         Swhizz Certification is valid for lifetime.

·         Resume Building

·         Interview Guidance

·         Mock Interview

·         Drives with Top companies

·         Internship Opportunities

·         Tie up with 50+ clients

Who Sould Attend AdvJava

·         Graduates

·         Post Graduates

·         Career Gap people

·         Software Developers

·         Operations Professionals

·         Quality Assurance Engineers

·         System Administrators

·         IT professionals

·         Associates