Core Java is the foundational aspect of the Java programming language, encompassing fundamental concepts and essential features. It provides the building blocks for Java development, including syntax rules, data types, control structures, and object-oriented programming principles like classes, objects, and inheritance. Core Java also covers key topics such as input/output handling, multithreading, exception handling, and basic networking. It serves as a prerequisite for mastering advanced Java technologies and frameworks, enabling developers to create robust and efficient applications across diverse domains.

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Overview CoreJava

Course Description

     Core Java:

Ø Introduction

Ø About Java

Ø Features

Ø Environment Setup

Ø Basic “Hello World” Program

       Basic Fundamentals of programming

Ø Data Types

Ø Variables

Ø Conditional Statements (if, if-else, else-if ladder, nested if)

Ø Switch Case

Ø Loop Statements (For, While & Do-While)

        Core Concepts of Java

Ø Class

Ø Objects

Ø Methods

       Method Overloading

This keyword

Ø Constructors

Constructor Overloading

Ø Methods Vs Constructors


Ø Encapsulation


Access Specifies

Ø Relationships

Has- A Relation

Is - A Relation (Inheritance)

Super keyword

This Vs. Super


Ø Method Overriding

Ø Abstraction

Abstract class


Ø Polymorphism

Compile time polymorphism (Static/early binding)

Runtime polymorphism (dynamic/lately binding)

Overriding Vs Overloading

          Misc topics:

Ø New, static, final, instance of operators

Ø Package & Import Statements

Ø Exception Handling

Ø Multi-Threading

Ø String manipulation

Ø Collections F/w

Course Key Features CoreJava

·         Classroom and Online Training

·         IT Experts as Trainers

·         Industry Curriculum

·         Real Intensive -Time use cases and Projects

·         One to One with mentor

·         Convenient Training schedules

·         Per Day 8 Hours Lab support.

·         Pre-Assessment Questions  

·         Course Material

·         Swhizz Certification is valid for lifetime.

·         Resume Building

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Who Sould Attend CoreJava

·         Graduates

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·         Software Developers

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