Lightning Web Components


Lightning Web Components (LWC) is a modern web component framework developed by Salesforce for building user interfaces in the Salesforce Lightning Platform. LWC provides a standards-based approach to creating reusable components that can be used within Salesforce applications, enhancing the development experience and improving performance. 

Overall, Lightning Web Components offer a modern, efficient, and flexible way to build user interfaces for Salesforce applications and beyond. They combine the power of web standards with Salesforce's platform capabilities, enabling developers to create engaging and responsive experiences for users.


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Overview Lightning Web Components

Course Description

Lightning WEB Component Introduction

Setting up the Development Environment

Understanding Folder Structure

Modules in ES6 and LWC

Data Binding

Decorators for properties

Data flow in Lightning Web Components

Setter and Getter methods

Iterators in LWC

Invoking methods on child components

All about Slots

Lifecycle Hooks

Hooks in LWC vs Renderer in Aura Components

Shadow Dom Web Standard


Lightning Data Services


Putting the base component lightning-record-edit-form to use.

Using lightning-record-view-form and lightning-record-view-form

Using getRecord() Adapter

Handlers in LDS base components

Override save functionality using base components

Using createRecord() method to create a record

Using updateRecord() method to update a record

getRecord() alternative syntax



How to dispatch and handle events

How Event Retargeting works?

Event Propagation in JavaScript

Event bubbling in child and parent components

All Event propagation scenarios

Programmatically handle the events

Publish-Subscribe events


LWC & Apex

How to invoke Apex method from Web Component

How to pass parameters when Apex method is invoked

Invoke Apex method imperatively

Continuation in Apex

Wire method

Impetration Call


Navigation in LWC

Navigation to different destination from a Web Component

Navigation in Files


Lightning Message Service

Steps involved and why do we need them?

Using LMS in Aura Components

Why LMS when we have Pub-Sub, Application Events and Component Events.

Where can we not use LMS?

What all params does JSON. stringify() accept?

Course Key Features Lightning Web Components

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Who Sould Attend Lightning Web Components

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FAQs On Lightning Web Components

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