Salesforce Development


A Salesforce Developer is a professional who specializes in creating custom applications and solutions on the Salesforce platform. They possess expertise in developing, coding, and implementing functionalities that extend the capabilities of Salesforce to address specific business needs. Salesforce Developers work with a variety of tools and technologies to design and build customizations, integrations, and automation workflows, contributing to the optimization of sales, marketing, customer service, and other business processes. Salesforce Developers collaborate closely with administrators, business analysts, and other stakeholders to translate business requirements into technical solutions. Their expertise enables organizations to extend and enhance the functionality of Salesforce, creating a more tailored and efficient platform to support various business processes and improve overall productivity

8682 +Learning
5542 +Certified

Overview Salesforce Development

Course Description

Apex Coding

Ø  Data Types and Variables

Ø  Primitive Data Types

Ø  Variables Constants

Ø  Conditional (If-Else) Statements Loops

Ø  Lists

Ø  Sets

Ø  Maps

Ø  Understanding Classes

Ø  Understanding Interfaces

Ø  Keywords

Ø  Annotations

Ø  Classes and Casting

Ø  Differences Between Apex Classes and Java Classes

Ø  Class Definition Creation

Ø  Namespace Prefix

Ø  Apex Code Versions

Ø  Lists of Custom Types and Sorting

Ø  Lists can hold objects of your user-defined types (your Apex classes).

Ø  Lists of user-defined types can be sorted.

Ø  Using Custom Types in Map Keys and Sets


Ø  Triggers Mode

Ø  Before triggers

Ø  After triggers

Trigger Events

Ø  Before insert

Ø  Before update

Ø  Before delete

Ø  After insert

Ø  After update

Ø  After delete

Ø  After undelete


Lightning Introduction

Ø  LEX Introduction

Ø   App Builder

Aura Framework

Ø  Aura Component Framework / bundle introduction

Aura Components Data binding

Ø  Lightning Aura Component Development

Ø  Data Binding B/W client & Server

Ø  Lightning Application

Lightning Events

Ø  Application Event

Ø  Component Event

Ø  System Events

 Lightning Out

Ø  VF Page + Lightning Component development (out of LEX)



Ø       REST API

Ø        SOAP API

Ø       Test Methods

Course Key Features Salesforce Development

Classroom and Online Training

Ø  IT Experts as Trainers

Ø  Industry Curriculum

Ø  Real Intensive -Time use cases and Projects

Ø  One to One with mentor

Ø  Convenient Training schedules

Ø  Per Day 8 Hours Lab support

Ø  Pre-Assessment Questions  

Ø  Course Material

Ø  Swhizz Certification is valid for lifetime

Ø  Resume Building

Ø  Interview Guidance

Ø  Mock Interview

Ø  Drives with Top companies

Ø  Internship Opportunities

Ø  Tie up with 50+ clients

Who Sould Attend Salesforce Development

Ø  Graduates

Ø  Post Graduates

Ø  Career Gap people

Ø  Software Developers

Ø  Operations Professionals

Ø  Quality Assurance Engineers

Ø  System Administrators

Ø  IT professionals

Ø  Associates